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Giant NASA Balloon Crashes, Destroys Telescope

A gigantic NASA balloon designed to carry science instruments to the edge of space crashed during takeoff from Australia’s Alice Springs launch site, destroying a multimillion-dollar telescope. The Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT), owned by University of California at Berkeley, was … Continue reading

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Soil Production of C02 May Decline As World Warms

Contradicting earlier studies showing that soil microbes will emit more carbon dioxide as global warming intensifies, new research suggests that these microbes become less efficient over time in a warmer environment and would actually emit less CO2. The research, published … Continue reading

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Bhutan’s forests to be tracked by GIS

In order to keep an accurate track of the land under forest cover, the Bhutanese Government is going to take the help of GIS .Until a few years ago Bhutan boasted of having more than 72.5 percent of its land … Continue reading

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Is the Earth’s core solid?

Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann made the discovery in 1936 when she noticed seismic waves bouncing off a boundary point deep within what was believed to be a liquid center. With her finding, the world learned that Earth’s core is solid … Continue reading

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