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Indian students design satelite set for launch

A team of engineering students from southern India have been designing a small light-weight satellite that is set to be sent into space soon. The Indian Space Research Organisation is supporting the project in the hope that it will encourage … Continue reading

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Treatment for Type 2 diabetes available at PGI Chandigarh from next week only for Rs. 20000

After successful tests by a team of doctors of the Department of Endocrinology, PGIMER, a rare technique of curing Type 2 diabetes through bone marrow derived stem cell transplantation will now be available. It is expected to be a breakthrough … Continue reading

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Rapid Star Formation Spotted In ‘Stellar Nurseries’ Of Infant Galaxies

According to scientists at Durham University the Universe’s infant galaxies enjoyed rapid growth spurts forming stars like our sun at a rate of up to 50 stars a year.The findings show that “stellar nurseries” within the first galaxies gave birth … Continue reading

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Humans could become extinct

Humans race could become extinct, a new study concludes, but no single event,  could do us in, and all extinction scenarios would have to involve some kind of intent by people in power.Human race itself will ultimately determine its fate. … Continue reading

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