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Can the Sun Help Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel?

U.S. researchers have demonstrated a technology that uses the sun’s heat to convert carbon dioxide and water into the building blocks of traditional fuels, a reverse combustion process that may emerge as a practical alternative to sequestration of CO2 emissions … Continue reading

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Bad News :Oceans Absorb Less Carbon Dioxide as Marine Systems Change

The oceans are largest carbon sink on the planet. Some 93 percent of carbon dioxide is stored in algae, vegetation, and coral under the sea. But oceans are not able to absorb all of the carbon dioxide released from the … Continue reading

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25 Everyday Technologies That Came from NASA

Though associated mainly with aerospace innovations, NASA holds a significant influence over daily life as well. Many people do not realize that everything from toys to sunglasses and even horseshoes have benefitted from technologies originally intended for astronauts, shuttle flights, … Continue reading

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Mumbai to have satellite mapping to avoid Encroachments

The city would soon have satellite mapping and land audit to avoid encroachments on open spaces, as per Maharashtra government’s mission to make the financial capital slum-free. Satellite mapping and third party land audit would be conducted, an official of … Continue reading

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