WWF Campaign: Deforestation and Lungs

World Wildlife fund (WWF) campaigns are always interesting.There was paper Panda campaign where cute paper Pandas were put in parts of cities to create awareness about the dwindling number of the species. The message was loud and clear.This time again the message is explicitly put. The ad shows depleting forest cover. The forest cover itself is in the form of human lungs part of which is cut. The forest cover is reducing fast and choking our lungs. Lungs need oxygen or else there is decay and threat to the very human life. The tagline: Before it’s too late, is appropriate too.The campaign concept designed by TBWA France is brilliant. The need of forest cover is more vital than we can imagine. There is an increased incidence of lung cancer due to high pollution levels and less tress to give us oxygen. The link between trees, oxygen and lungs is crucial. Deforestation and pollution can painful killers. The ad carries web site of WWF where one can make meaningul contributions to stop deforestation.WWF has shifted focus from species to direct forest cover and environmental awareness. Life on earth cannot survive without trees. Such direct social awareness campaigns are the need of the hour.


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