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Archaeological Remote Sensing

Now more than ever, archeological research is interdisciplinary: botany, forestry, soil science, hydrology – all of which contribute to a more complete understanding of the earth, climate shifts, and how people adapt to large regions. As a species, we’ve been … Continue reading

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International School on LiDAR Technology IIT Kanpur 31March – 4April 2008 Organiser: Dr. Bharat Lohani Contact: Department of Civil Engineering IIT Kanpur Kanpur 208 016, INDIA Kanpur , UP 2008 Phone: +91-512-259 7413 Fax: +91-512-259 7395 Email: lidar08@iitk.ac.in Website: http://home.iitk.ac.in/~blohani/LiDARSchool2008/index.html

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Why are map projections an issue in GIS?

In many respects, GIS has freed us from the constraints of modelling the spatial relationships using a drawing on paper. For example: * Easy customizing of what features are displayed and how they look. * attachment of database attributes to … Continue reading

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