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Era o Hotel Cambridge (2017) / The Cambridge Squatter: A Fictional Documentary on Urban Okupation

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Originally posted on urbanculturalstudies:
I again revisit issues of homelessness and housing evictions, this time focusing on a different cultural production from Brazil. The film Era o Hotel Cambridge (2017) is a recent fictional documentary on occupations in the city of…

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Does green infrastructure represent a sound investment opportunity?

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Originally posted on Geography Directions:
By Steve Cinderby, University of York, UK, and Sue Bagwell, London Metropolitan University, UK.  Globally our societies are becoming increasingly urbanised with the United Nations (UN) reporting that already the majority of people live in…

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Neolithic Gathering and Feasting at the Beginning of Food Production

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Originally posted on The Tepe Telegrams:
A few kilometres northeast of modern Şanlıurfa in south-eastern Turkey, the tell of Göbekli Tepe is situated on the highest point of the otherwise barren Germuş mountain range. Rising 15 metres and with an…

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Growing urban agriculture beyond the city limit

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Originally posted on Geography Directions:
By Chenae Neilson, University of Melbourne, and Lauren Rickards, RMIT University It is hard not to notice the rising interest and flourishing activity in cities around the world for growing food in innovative ways. Rooftop…

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