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To Do List During a Gap Year

Guest Post by  Hazel Taylor A “gap year,” sometimes called a “deferred year,” refers to the time period a student now has on their hands as a result of deferring admission after being accepted to the college of their choice. … Continue reading

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Why Students Aren’t Using eTextbooks?

Guest Post by Kaitlyn Cole                                                                                                                                                                                               When e-textbooks were first introduced, they were supposed to be the wave of the future, and experts thought we’d see e-reader-toting students littering college campuses, and of course being adopted in droves by online … Continue reading

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New Role for RNA:Guardian of Genome Integrity

 A new and unexpected role for RNA is identified recently: the defence of genome integrity and stability. A study published in the scientific journal Nature shows that an until now unknown class of RNA — the newly christened DDRNA — … Continue reading

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Self Learning Secrets

Guest Post by Kaitlyn Cole For many curious folks, their impassioned yearning to soak up as much of the world’s wonders as possible completely transcends the boundaries of a traditional classroom. Armed with an insatiable lust for knowledge, they set … Continue reading

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