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We are Marching towards Knowledge and Information Society through Online and Transnational Universities!!

Knowledge has no boundaries. These days world is fast marching towards Knowledge society and or information society. The 20th century’s unprecedented gains in advancing human development and eradicating poverty came largely from technological breakthroughs. As a logical progress, in 21st … Continue reading

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World’s First Continually Existing University was Founded by a Muslim Woman:Fatima Al Fihri

Long ago a remarkable woman and a seer Fatima Al-Fihri  looked into the future  and established the world’s first university(University of Al-Qarawiyin). Interestingly, it was a Muslim woman who pioneered a model of higher learning coupled with the issuance of … Continue reading

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Indian Institute for Human Settlements: A New Institute for Settlement Studies

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) is a new proposed national education institution committed to the equitable, sustainable and efficient transformation of Indian settlements. By 2050, half of all Indians will live in urban areas as the country undergoes … Continue reading

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Best Institutions for Socially-Conscious Students

Guest Post by Tim Handorf College is, ostensibly, a particularly piquant voyage of self-discovery, so it makes perfect sense that many students would find themselves embarking on some socially responsible projects during this time in their lives. Depending on interest, … Continue reading

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