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Most Radical Education Thinkers of All Time

Guest Post by Kaitlyn Cole  Considering education is about as old as the first person to teach another person how to do something, many of the ideas and opportunities available today wind up getting taken for granted. They might not … Continue reading

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Smartphones in the Classroom: Smart Schools are Allowing Them

Guest Post by Carol Brown Cell phones have long been a serious no-no in the classroom, and many schools, stating that they are a serious distraction for students, have banned them from campuses altogether. Yet there is a growing trend … Continue reading

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University of People : Free and Online

Dear Readers A Friend Ron Krate sent me this link. I found it very useful .Sharing it with you all as a blog post.Enjoy. All around the world, people have been waiting for someone like Shai Reshef to come along. … Continue reading

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