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India’s Fairs and Festivals :India’s USP as a Tourism Product

In India culture is our high point from Tourism point of view, our unique selling preposition(USP) is our culture. Our fairs and festivals are integral part of our culture. Here is  a small list of fairs and festivals . They … Continue reading

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Peopling Process of India: Technology and Occupational Change

India is a country remarkable for its diversity; biological and human. The biological diversity owes itself to the country’s position at the trijunction of the African, the northern Eurasian and the Oriental realm; its great variety of environmental regimes, and … Continue reading

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An Overview of Inter-linkage of Migration and Tourism

MIGRATION is of many types: temporary and permanent; between and within countries; legal and illegal; forced or voluntary; to cities or suburbs; for tourism or to escape persecution; for economic gain or at the point of a gun; daily commuting … Continue reading

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Surprise Welcome Rain in Aligarh

Rainy View at Department of Geography , AMU

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