My favourite academic books of 2018

Progressive Geographies

My favourite academic books of 2018. As with previous years – 2013, 2014, 2015, 20162017 – these are shaped by my interests, books that are sent to me, ones from publishers I review for, etc. etc. I’ve not read all the 2018 books I’ve bought or been sent, so while there are doubtless many other good books published this year, I can at least say that these are all worth reading.

books of 2018.png

  1. Chris Barrett, Early Modern English Literature and the Poetics of Cartographic Anxiety (OUP)
  2. Miguel de Beistegui, The Government of DesireA Genealogy of the Liberal Subject (Chicago)
  3. Andrea Mubi Brighenti and Mattias Kärrholm (eds.) Urban Walls: Political and Cultural Meanings of Vertical Structures and Surfaces (Routledge) – which I endorsed
  4. Georges Canguilhem, Œuvres complètes Tome V : Histoire des sciences, épistémologie, commémorations 1966-1995, edited by Camille Limoges (Vrin)
  5. Terrell Carver, Marx (Polity)
  6. Deborah…

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