The Cretaceous Geology of Alabama and Modern Sea Level Rise…

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Guest ?How not to connect the present with the past? by David Middleton

Alabama?s Return to the Sea
A paleontological site shows how life endured in an Alabama that was almost fully submerged?and how it could again as the ocean rises.
by Jack Tamisiea
September 8, 2021

Alabama?s Harrell Station, roughly 75 kilometers west of Montgomery and 250 kilometers inland from the Gulf of Mexico, seems like the last place someone would go to explore the ocean. But crumbling out of the dusty ground, which has been wrinkled into gullies of white chalk, are the remnants of an ancient sea. During the Late Cretaceous some 82 million years ago, high temperatures melted the polar ice caps submerging the world?s coasts. A shallow sea known as the Mississippi Embayment spilled out over the southeastern United States, blanketing much of Alabama. Harrell Station is one of the best places to glimpse this…

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