Resilient City : A Solution to Problem of Climate Change

Urbanization is on a rise like never before. Indian cities are increasingly witnessing the impact of climate change .it is apparent that extreme events such as droughts and cyclones will become more frequent thereby causing massive destruction and
disruption to services and leading to economic losses. This will have an adverse impact on the marginalized sections of the society living in the urban areas is there an alternative path for cities.

Now, focus of planners is now on Urban Resilience. A Resilient City is the solution to overcome such disasters a resilient city is one that has developed capacities to absorb future shocks and stresses such cities have advanced drainage systems that help in alleviating floods warning systems and transportation infrastructure that allows citizens to evacuate renewable energy systems that provide backup power during outages building design solutions that reduce the damage caused by extreme climate events the healthcare services in these cities are equipped to respond to public health emergencies there is availability of clean drinking water in the aftermath of floods .

A resilient City has an efficient sewerage system that averts the outbreak of waterborne diseases and effective disposal and treatment techniques that prevent choking of drains it is also where the communities have better coping capacities .

Benefits of Building Resilient Cities

·      Reduced Recovery Time

·      Lesser Monetary Losses

·      Reduced Risk and Vulnerability

·      Improved and Reliable Infrastructure

There are several initiatives that are supporting resilience building activities several Indian cities have also initiated resilience planning through these programs but how do we ensure continuous action.

Crux of the matter is: We will have to make our cities Resilient and Sustainable and Adaptive.


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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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