The deceiving thing about the big, historic drop in CO2 emissions

The Extinction Chronicles

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Eye-opening, powerful words are now used to describe plummeting CO2 emissions in 2020.

It “would be the largest decrease in emissions ever recorded,” the International Energy Agency said Thursday. Spurred by an unprecedented energy shock, carbon emissions would take “a far bigger drop than at any point during the Great Depression or at the end of World War II, when much of Europe lay in ruins,” noted the New York Times. 

This is all likely true. We’re headed for some major emission declines. But, critically, the true number global warming cares about — the amount of carbon dioxide saturating the atmosphere — will barely be impacted by an unprecedented drop in carbon emissions this year, a drop the International Energy Agency estimates at nearly eight percent (compared with historic 2019 levels).

That’s because atmospheric CO2 levels are like a massive bank account that’s been accruing more…

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