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Dull assignments in university often put the students into despair. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same abilities. So even the writing of the essay may seem unbearable task. The academic load for international students is a lot heavier. Moreover, many students have to work to pay their fees, and often their work occurs in night shifts. To get only excellent grades, the only variant is to ask help. Students usually ask their friends or professional writers.


EssayLancers is a team of professional essays writers, providing help with academic assignments online. It’s the leader among similar services with professional writers. No matter what the type of the task you need and the topic – writers will help you to create a perfect paper. Custom writing is only one type of service offered. Anyone can order the formatting or proofreading of the paper, which has great importance in receiving good marks.

There are a lot of reasons why the students need help. Teachers often can’t put themselves in student’s shoes. Seeking help from online essay writers is legal. If you don’t understand the basis of the subject or want to be proficient in it – order the assignment. The aim isn’t just to write papers to earn money. There is also the tutor who can explain to you all the details of a complicated task. So, EssayLancers work not to the detriment of knowledge.

The most popular subjects in this marketplace are philosophy, business, history, literature, etc. experts write the essays even in complicated and highly-specialized topics such as law, nursing, anthropology, ethics, etc. The same considers the types of academic writing.

The advantages of

If you’re going to obtain a Master’s degree or Ph.D., the service is always ready to write a top-notch dissertation. There are several reasons why you should choose

  • Cheap prices. The aim isn’t to profit from university students. Therefore pricing is the lowest among competitors.
  • Professional team. EssayLancers hire only the best writers with huge experience. Each of them passes the test to confirm the level of English. The writer also chooses a range of disciplines. The narrower it is – the higher the quality of paper will be. Each prospective writer confirms qualification in testing.
  • The service guarantees that your data, as well as the bank card’s number, will be safe. The risks of the data breach are minimum.

If you decided to use professional help, you need to place an order. You can do it by using the tab “Post a Task” in the header. Enter the topic, the subject, and the number of pages. In the corresponding place, describe the instructions from your teachers. The more details you include – the better the final paper will be. In the next phase, you’ll see the list of the essay writer’s for hire. They differ in price, which depends on the experience, the number of finished orders. That list is formed by internal rating – the clients’ evaluations.

The great advantage of this company is the possibility of direct communication between client and writer. The chat on the personal page allows you to ask and answer questions and discuss the details at any time. Pay for the order, and the writer will start working. If the paper is big, you can divide it into several parts. You’ll pay each part at a time.

EssayLancers gives the possibility to get only A+ grades and be a successful student. If you experience a lack of time and motivation or poor language skills, contact us. The best team and affordable prices make us the best, among other services.

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