Tips for Studying Abroad in Singapore

Guest Post by Tegan Wehner

Students seeking to study abroad can consider Singapore as one of the greatest destinations. The country is a haven of peace and enjoys political stability. The island nation’s education system is among the best globally. The country is also outstanding due to the beauty of the islands it is made up of as well as other many natural and manmade features.

Singapore’s education system offers constructive challenges to learners because it is instrumental for the country’s growth. The system prides itself on maintaining high standards of learning and teaching. Practical experience follows the classwork and leads to easy employment.

Here are some key tips for studying and living abroad in Singapore:

The clothes to pack

The state has hot and humid tropical weather. Because of this, you need to pack light clothes for outdoors, but having some light jackets is essential due to the air conditioning inside of the buildings because they can make the indoors chilly. Jackets may also come in handy depending on the places that you want to visit such as Hong Kong and North Vietnam, which could be very chilly, especially in the evenings. Students mostly put on shorts and decent shirts to class, so you should consider the same. You need also to have a few business casual outfits to wear as you do presentations and meet professionals as well as formal events.

While preparing the clothes to pack and various things to help you settle in the city-state, you should work on your visa to enter the country. You can avoid all of the hassles involved with visa processing by engaging Visa Express, one of the most reliable visa agents in Singapore.

Accommodation facilities

With some of the university campuses being in the urban areas, they have no dorms for their students, so the students have to look for housing facilities. One of the most common options for students is living in condos managed by individual landlords. Taking up accommodation in dorms may not be a good idea as some may not be well-kept. Foreign students usually wait to get to Singapore to look for a place to live. They spend the first few nights in hostels, which they will have booked, and use the days to get in touch with housing agents to be taken to view several condos. Having an agent is necessary to rent a condo. With time, you will find a place to rent and settle down.

Make your budget and travel plan from the onset

You will be surprised to find out how short a semester is despite appearing like a long period. Since the island state has a ton of attractions to visit and see, make a plan of the places to visit and a budget before the semester starts, and these will make that possible. In your first days in the country, plan with your new friends on touring places in Singapore and even the neighbouring states and give it your best to make those things happen.

Get accustomed to public transport

Public transport in Singapore is reliable, safe, and timely. The buses and trains are clean and efficient. You can rely on the buses and train to move around, and reloading credit on your travel card is so easy. The charges for using mass rapid transit (MRT) varies with routes, but it will usually cost you $S2 (2 Singapore dollars). The app-based cabs called Grab, which operate the same way as Uber, have their prices maximized during peak times, so you would rather take a train or a bus because they are faster and more efficient besides saving you some money.

Allocate ample time to your studies

Although you will primarily be abroad in Singapore to study, you could get caught up in other things, especially the adventures of the new places, and forget your studies. Time management is of utmost importance as well as self-discipline. Make sure you attend your classes, give your studies enough time, and make the most of the small and learner-friendly classes. You should also consult your lecturers or professor and endeavour to score high grades so that you finally end with transcripts and certificates that are impressive.

There you have a few tips to help study in Singapore as a foreign student. Besides this, you also need to learn Singlish, a local version of English made up of English and combination of Chinese and Malay words. This will help you to get along well with others.


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