Some useful ways, Students and Academics can organize their time management

Guest Post by Jason Cohen

Teachers are entrusted with the huge responsibility of nurturing the minds and characters of the coming generations. However, before they embark upon this process of building nations. They have to develop honesty, integrity, moral values and work ethics in their own lives to present themselves as role models for others. One of the primary work ethic is punctuality, regularity and time management. There are certain ways in which time can be managed by teachers in an efficient manner.

  • Be organized

You must know your priorities. Keep the most important task at your foremost priority. And by making setting priorities and being organized, it doesn’t mean you have to abide by that only in a classroom environment or workspace. You should know that mismanagement in your personal life can affect your teaching schedules. For instance, if you kept watching a movie or your favorite show till late at night, you might reach late. Now, this getting late is a bit pardonable in other professions but what if your reaching late made you miss your lecture. Or you reached when half of its designated time was already wasted.

  • Avoid procrastination at all costs

Being a teacher you are in the least favorable position to procrastinate. If you are assigned a class at, let’s say 10 am, you can’t postpone it like people of other professions. They may delay tasks for a later time when it suits them but yours is fixated one that you have to take at the time anyways.

The best way to save yourself from this trouble is to have a disciplined lifestyle habit. Eat healthy but not junk, sleep well, drink plenty of fluids and regularly work out. When you are physically fit, its less likely that you will feel lackluster in the morning to go up and get ready for work. Also, keep your mental health intact too.

Avoid stress at all means. It can eat away productivity in the worst form. Especially as a teacher you need to apply your mental faculties more than anyone else. So feeling mental pressures can curb your ability to teach well. When your physical and emotional well being is taken care of, chances to procrastinate are diminished too.

  • Make realistic commitments

Never tell your administration fellows that you can teach six classes when you can teach three. It’s not mere lectures that will come your way. Checking assignments, grading them, drafting exam papers and marking the piles of them will become an everyday routine. So don’t create nightmares for yourselves by accumulating an unrealistic workload. Do the quality work, and don’t rely on quantity.

  • Strategically design your lesson plans

Don’t try to cramp things together and shove them down the throats of your students. Take things lightly and don’t try to force them to do more in less time. This way you yourself will start rushing against the time that will affect the productivity of you and your students eventually. And your feedback shall be affected too! Since students never admire such teachers. Keep repetitive tasks for homework and spend more time in class inculcating clarity of ideas and the topic at hand.

Keep them loaded less so your own workload remains in limits. If you bombard them with projects and assignments that will return at you to create a miserable situation. Reviewing and grading them will devour your time reserved for your personal matters as well.

  • Time tracking for teachers and academics

Academic institutions are responsible for laying the foundations of the discipline and work ethics for the impressionable minds they are training as future leaders. However, first, they need to discipline their own routine by streamlining processes like scheduling, payrolling, attendance and other management tasks. Time tracking software with seamless features can provide a solution for these tasks.

Teachers or faculty members need to adhere to their class/lecture schedules but there is none who can monitor the responsible delivery. Likewise, attendance is not properly tracked at most of the places. A time tracking app can solve many of these issues. For instance, they will have to update the task before every class or lecture and change it after it’s over. Attendance is not an issue as when they start a timer, an institution will know they have arrived. The Stafftimer app is an ideal solution for these challenges as it offers an optional screenshot feature. Since a screenshot can’t be captured from a lecture so an optional screenshot feature is a perfect fit for it.


Just like technology has created ease for many other professions, it has potential benefits for teaching as well. It was a long-standing issue for academic institutions to solve their time management issues, which can be now handled in an automated manner.

Author Name: Jason Cohen

Bio: I am precisely described as a tech junkie working in content development and marketing for a thriving start-up: staff time monitoring software. Literature lover by default. My interests range from politics to social issues, books to tech trends, gadgets and so on.

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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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