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Amazon launches an Alexa system for hotels

Amazon launches an Alexa system for hotels — Read on

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Urban Morphology: Gentrification for Better and Worse

Gentrification is the phenomenon when more wealthy people moving into lower-income communities. They often faces opposition, sometimes for the wrong reasons. It is important to consider all benefits and costs when formulating urban development policies. During  last century, most North … Continue reading

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List of renamed Indian cities and states

Many traditional place names were changed in India during British rule, as well as a limited number during earlier Muslim conquests. Ever since the British left India in 1947, many cities, streets, places, and buildings throughout India were changed back to their original names. Certain … Continue reading

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The future of social media feels a lot like the past

If you were a Western child born in the 1980s or early 1990s, you probably ran home after school to chat with your friends (who you literally were just talking to in person) on AOL Instant Messenger, or MSN Messenger, … Continue reading

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