Happy Sir Syed Day: Are We Following His Vision?


The Man

Ye mera chaman hai mera chaman, main apne chaman ka bulbul hun
Sar-shaar-e-nigah-e-nargis hun, paa-basta-e-gesu-e-sumbul hun

Jo taaq-e-haram mein roshan hai, wo shama yahan bhi jalti hai
Is dasht ke goshe goshe se, ek joo-e-hayat ubalti hai
Ye dasht-e-junoon deewanon ka, ye bazm-e-wafa parwanon ki
Ye shahr-e-tarab roomanon ka, ye khuld-e-bareen armanon ki
Fitrat ne sikhai hai ham ko, uftaad yahan parwaaz yahan

Gaaye hain wafa


Majaz:An Alumnus and a Legendary Poet who created the Legandary AMU Tarna

ke geet yahan, chheda hai junoon ka saaz yahan
Ye mera chaman hai mera chaman, main apne chaman ka bulbul hun
Is bazm meiN taigheiN khencheen hain, is bazm meiN saghar tode hain
Is bazm meiN aankh bichhai hai, is bazm meiN dil tak jode hain
Har shaam hai shaam-e-Misr yahan, har shab hai shab-e-Sheeraz yahan
Hai saare jahan ka soz yahan aur saare jahan ka saaz yahan
Zarraat ka bosa lene ko, sau baar jhuka aakaash yahan
Khud aankh se ham ne dekhi hai, batil ki shikast-e-faash yahan

Jo abr yahan se uthega, wo saare jahan par barsega
Har joo-e-rawan par barsega, har koh-e-garan par barsega
Har sard-o-saman par barsega, har dasht-o-daman par barsega
Khud apne chaman par barsega, ghairon ke chaman par barsega
Har shahr-e-tarab par garjega, har qasr-e-tarab par kadkega

Ye abr hamesha barsa hai, ye abr hamesha barsega
Ye abr hamesha barsa hai, ye abr hamesha barsega
Ye abr hamesha barsa hai, ye abr hamesha barsega
Barsegaa, Barsegaa, Barsegaaa…
~ Majaz Lakhnawi

To download AMU Tarana click here.



The Mission

AMU tarana always inspires me. It gives goosebumps to me.But the same tarana raises some questions in me. Are we up to the mark for these words? Are we striving for the same degree of excellence? Have we achieved the ‘Inferadiyat‘ strived for?

The mission has evolved in a grand and beautiful university. In the physical sense the mission is fulfilled, but are we following his vision as well? I am quoting some statements from Sir Syed. I call upon all the ALIGS to introspect and to search for the answer from within.

Sons and Daughters (of MAO college later AMU)) shall go forth throughout the length and breath of the land to preach the message of free inquiry, of large hearted toleration and of pure morality”

“Acquisition knowledge of science and technology is the only solution for the problems of Muslims.”

“We will remain humiliated and rejected if we do not make progress’’ (in scientific field)

“Get rid of old and useless rituals. These rituals hinder human progress.”

“Superstition cannot be the part of Iman (faith).”

“The first requisite for the progress of a nation is the brotherhood and unity amongst sections of the society”.

“Yes the main purpose of this college (MAO) is to impart modern education to Muslims who are suffering because of lack of it but this institution is for all, Hindus and Muslims alike. Both of them need education.”

 “We (Hindus and Muslims) eat the same crop, drink water from the same rivers and breath the same air. As a matter of fact Hindus and Muslims are the two eyes of the beautiful bride that is Hindustan. Weakness of any one of them will spoil the beauty of the bride (dulhan)”.

“We (Hindus and Muslim) have evolved a new language Urdu”.

“I wish that youth of India should follow the example of young men and women of England who are religiously engaged in the hard work of industrial development of their country” (During the stay of Sir Syed in England).

“Look forward, learn modern knowledge, do not waste time in studies of old subjects of no value.”

“Ijtihad (innovation, re-interpretation with the changing times) is the need of the hour. Give up taqlid “(copying and following old values).

“Do not show the face of Islam to others; instead show your face as the follower of true Islam representing character, knowledge, tolerance and piety.”

“We should not (by remaining ignorant and illiterate) tarnish the image of our able elders”.

“All human beings are our brother and sisters. Working for their welfare is obligatory for Muslims.”

“Remember that the words Hindu and Muslim are only meant for religious distinction: otherwise all persons who reside in this country belong to one and the same nation.”

And Some More Questions:

Afzal Usmani Bhai has raised some questions. I was thinking on same line but he presented the spirit beautifully so , I am reproducing with his permission.

  1. Do we really care about Sir Syed and his mission ?

2. If we care, do we really know what was his mission ?

3. If we know what are we doing to fulfill his mission ?

4. Are we really trying to fulfill his mission or promoting our self under the pretext of promoting Sir Syed Mission ?

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