How can blogging help students improve their writing and thinking skills?

Guest Post by Andrea Witmer

Today, blogging has become very popular. Only few people think that blogging is not just an interesting activity, but also an opportunity to improve their skills in writing; besides, when it comes to full-time blogging, it means that the author of the blog is constantly improving and developing his creative thinking skills. This happens due to the fact that while the author is in search of fresh ideas for new articles he or she learns a lot of useful information. So blogging does help its author to grow as a person and professional.
Today we’ll take a closer look at the question “How can blogging help students improve their writing and thinking skills?”

Impact of blogging on writing skills

Needless to say that blogging assumes lots of writing. A real blog writer is someone who is engaged with research of interesting information and writing new articles at least during few hours per day. New topics lead to the necessity to learn new terminology. Blogger is someone who always improves, learns new topics, and examines new issues, which is necessary to understand how to write an article. In the process of studying all this information, the writer constantly improves quality of the work, increases his or her vocabulary, and learns new styles of writing, new phrases or words that he or she previously did not know.

Benefits that the student gets from blogging

Writing articles on different topics discloses students’ creativity and potential. The majority of students, who had experienced blogging activity in their life, agree that afterwards, writing some academic paper for college becomes a much easier assignment, no matter if it’s something complex like dissertation or simple as essay. Many tips on improving writing skills include blogging as a very useful tool. On the other hand, if a student is engaged with full-time blogging while studying at college or university, it can take away lots of free time and some students can’t handle such load and fail to complete their homework on their own. However, there is a solution for this problem. For students’ convenience, today there is a list of custom writing services. Anyone who needs some support in their academic life can turn to such company with a simple request «write my essay» and professional writers will help to solve this problem.

What impact has blogging on students’ thinking skills?

Besides other benefits of blogging, its impact on thinking skills is the most important. Any literary activity develops certain traits in the writer and increases his or her intellectual level; regular writing articles helps a person to becomes more patient, diligent, painstaking, careful, and, more important – develops the ability to think quickly, draw conclusions and formulate sentences. A student who writes for blog has more theoretical knowledge, finds it easier to express personal thoughts and opinions both in oral and written ways, and is overall more educated and versatile than someone who is not engaged with this activity. Usually blogging starts with a simple hobby. Many people want to share their thoughts with others and blog is the best place to do it. Then, if the student had overcome difficulties that arise for many aspiring bloggers, such as lack of desire to write on a regular basis or to find enough time for it, then blogging activity can develop into a professional activity and hold out promises of the beginning of a successful career, while newly acquired writing and critical thinking skills will help you in your future life.

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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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1 Response to How can blogging help students improve their writing and thinking skills?

  1. lenrosen4 says:

    Blogging is today what letter writing and the keeping of diaries was in the past. The kind of blogging Andrea describes is often associated with business websites. I agree with her that writing as an exercise promotes 21st century skills. Being able to describe an issue or object to an audience requires a discerning eye, a strong evaluative sense, and an ability to reach an audience. If the piece being written is describing science or technology or the analysis of art or literature then critical thinking comes into play. I remember when my daughter was in school they had a session each day called “drop everything and read.” They should add to that “drop everything and write” for today’s young students.


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