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List of National Highways in India With Length

Highways work as life lines for the country or the region in which they are located. So, naturally, they have tremendous impact on the settlements located along them. In some cases, the highways are the very ‘raison d’etre’ of the … Continue reading

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New Life: New Hope

Seen it in our new home under construction.Taken it as a good omen.Thought of sharing with all readers. Feel good.

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Happy Eid-al-Fitr: Sweetened taste of life

Originally posted on Vishal Bhidu:
? Sevaiyyan. Sweetening taste of life. People, friendship, love and unity. Unblemished moon. Penance. Discipline. An Indian Eid. Devotion for fellow humans. Love that makes us bat for each other. It’s called Oneness. Spirit of…

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Reconstruction of Noah’s Ark

The Ark Park is open for business, and yes, the Ark contains dinosaurs (baby ones, of course!). Bill Nye visited, and was prayed for by Ken Ham. I’m hoping the enterprise will fail, for it’s all about lies and propagandizing … Continue reading

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