Aogashima: The Natural Planetarium


It  is a volcanic Japanese island in the Philippine Sea and is considered a natural planeterium.As will be natural in a place  surrounded by only deep, dark ocean, the night sky is nothing short of spectacular. The stars shine brightly and seeing the Milky Way is nothing out of the ordinary for the locals.The island is  located approximately 358 kilometres south of Tokyo and 64 kilometres south of Hachijō-jima. It is the southernmost and most isolated inhabited island of the Izu archipelago.The island’s area is 8.75 km2and, as of 2014, its population 170. Aogashima is also within the boundaries of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Watch this video about the Island.

How To Reach

Because of its remoteness, one of the ways to reach Aogashima is by boat, although the island does not have a proper harbor. If you have the budget, another option is to come by helicopter, which is operated by the Tokyo Island Shuttle Service. Whether you take the boat or the helicopter, you will still leave from the neighbor island of Hachijojima, which is about 60 kilometers away. Coming to Aogashima means enjoying the beauty and tranquility of a tropical paradise that is rarely visited by many. It does not offer a lot of modern facilities and amenities, as it is natural haven where you go to get away from modern living.



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