Tweeted #GetAirtel4G and Got an Airtel 4G SIM Delivered to my Home

airtel 4g1After taking the Airtel 4G trial few months back, I had immediately decided that I will switch over to 4G connectivity as soon as possible. I got very happy after knowing that Airtel has launched 4G connectivity for most of the towns and cities of India. I thought that getting a new Airtel 4G SIM will be a difficult process, but I got surprised when I was able to get 4G SIM within few hours. Know that how doing a tweet helped me in getting the Airtel 4G SIM in few hours.

How I got Airtel 4G SIM in Few Hours?

It was very early in the morning and I was going through the newspaper.

080715_1724_TweetedGetA1.jpgI went through the news that Airtel has launched 4G connectivity in my city. I immediately decided to apply for Airtel 4G SIM as soon as I can.

When I went to Twitter, I saw some people tweeting #GetAirtel4G. I thought they are promoting 4G connectivity of Airtel, but then I got to know that this is the new way to get Airtel 4G SIM.

I too immediately tweeted #GetAirtel4G. Then I got a reply from @AirtelIndia which suggested me to go to a link for getting Airtel 4G SIM delivered to my home. I gave my details and to my surprise I got the Airtel 4G SIM in 4 hours. This super fast service made me happy and I think that others too will love this amazing 4G SIM delivery service provided by Airtel.

Reasons Which Made Me Switch to Airtel 4G

– I trust Airtel Completely

– I have a new 4G smartphone and that’s why wanted a 4G SIM.

– There are no network issues in my area especially when it comes to Airtel network

– Airtel 4G is the fastest connectivity and no other network offers this type of super fast connectivity

By visiting the Airtel 4G website, you shall be able to know everything regarding the fastest Airtel 4G connectivity. If you have still now not been able to get Airtel 4G SIM due to some reason, then tweet #GetAirtel4G immediately. I hope that you’ll soon start making of the fastest Airtel 4G connectivity.


About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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