eBasta – Special Online Platform for School Students

Guest Post by Mohit Chabria

Many school students are frustrated because of the increasing load of their school bag. Now frustration of school students is going to reduce as eBasta has got launched. School students will be able to go through eBook version of their school books easily by making use of eBasta. If you’re a parent then you must definitely try to check out eBasta and also make your child use it for reading school books.

 School Books By Different Publishers

eBasta is going to make school students happy as eBook version of not only the important school books, but also the eBook version of books published by different publishers is going to be available at eBasta. It is expected that even many books which can provide knowledge and other related eBooks for students will get available at eBasta.

 Finding Required eBooks is going to be Easy for Students

One of the problems students may face at an online platform is that they may not be able to find required school books easily. It is eBasta which provides special option to teachers and parents to create eBasta for students. The eBasta created for students studying in a particular class will include all the books that can be useful for them. As students will be easily able to find the required books at eBasta, they may definitely love to make use of eBasta regularly.

Special Study Material for Students

Various teachers, publishers etc will be allowed to add useful study material easily at eBasta. I hope that students too will be able to share important study notes with each other by making use of the new platform eBasta.

Android App for Students

Students making use of an Android smartphone or tablet will be able to download eBasta App. This App will allow them to easily read the eBastas downloaded by them. Soon eBasta App may get available for iOS, Windows and other platforms which shall make students become more happy.

eBasta initiative by the Government is going to be liked by students, teachers and also parents. It is important that school students should get the best type of facility so that they will be able to study easily. Do share your opinion about eBasta and also let me know that whether you have yourself tried to read books at eBasta.

About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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