CAT is a national approved examination conducted all over India for MBA aspirants. They give every student a fair opportunity to get admission in their favorite business school. The caliber of a candidate is measured on the basis of the percentile scored in the test and then a series of interviews are conducted.

The entrance exam has many parts and one of the most major parts is that of general knowledge. This section is designed to test the general aptitude of the candidate and gain a better insight on their problem solving skills. This section includes mostly general knowledge based questions and mostly on the current on-going events.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons why your general knowledge should be strong in order to crack any CAT examination.


GK is something that we all should have in order to live a life with complete awareness about our surroundings. This is also crucial and most scoring section of your CAT examination. Other sections are related to technical subjects and you can easily make common mistakes. In this section, there will be direct question relating to general knowledge and have very less room for tricky questions.


General knowledge is also a very big part of your interview that is conducted after you are selected on basis of your percentile. Students with fewer percentiles can be preferred over a higher percentile student, if their interview is better. Most of the interview part will be about you and the current general knowledge questions. Have a strong GK will not only prepare you for the written test but will also be highly beneficial during your interview.


CAT exams are not extremely difficulty, but they are tricky. To increase your chances of success, you have to work on area where you have less chance to fail. This area is that of the general knowledge section in the written CAT test. It is highly scoring and will give your percentile and immense boost.


The general knowledge section is considered as the simplest area in the test. It is less time-consuming as the questions are direct, you don’t need to perform any calculations and if you know the answer, you can easily mark it effectively. It will consume less time and will allow you to score more for an improved percentile.

The importance of general knowledge to crack CAT cannot be more emphasized upon. It is useful in the written as well as the interview and will help you gain more confidence. Everything about getting higher score in CAT is simple but tricky and needs to be understood before its implementation. During your CAT preparation days, focus more on your general knowledge and deliver better CAT results.

About Rashid Faridi

I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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  1. General knowledge is vital for maximum competitive exams in India. You described the importance systematically. Great Job Rashid.


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