Smartphone Addicts Are The Zombies of This Decade

The Midsummer Station

Admit it, we are inseparable from our smartphones. Or tablets. Or laptops. Or technology for that matter.

We have move into dangerous territories here. Text driving? Text walking? Text eating? We have become ignorant of our surroundings in the process. Ignorant of the person sitting in front of us. Ignorant of establishing a genuine conversation that does not make us turn back to our devices in a second.

We are practically zombies, immune to sleep and meal, craving to clickety-click-click away on our smart screens.

Anyway, point is. We have been too engrossed, too obsessed with these buzzing technological devices that we sometimes forget the little joys and beauties around us.

Put down the phone for a minute. Now, now don’t touch your tablet. Close your eyes. And imagine the scenes of what you watched in the short film above. Laugh. Cringe. Laugh. Cries in agony. OK. *grab phone, tweet, text…

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I am Rashid Aziz Faridi ,Writer, Teacher and a Voracious Reader.
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