MBA Courses for a Career in the Arts

Guest Post by Ipsita

Today, options for those who aspire to pursue an advanced degree course are more plentiful than ever! But we live in an era where everyone somehow seems to be either fond of or wanting to earn an MBA degree. MBA is one of the advanced degree courses that instill in students the knowledge and background to always stay ahead of the competition. Innumerable abilities, unbelievable analytical skills, mastermind and a powerful business sense – all of these qualities have been conventionally associated with most of the MBA graduates.

But could MBA courses also help in developing and enhancing design instincts, art appreciation abilities and cultural, as well as artistic knowledge?

Yes, some of them sure can! There are some MBA courses that could be pursued in order to build a career in Arts. Such creative management programmes were developed as the result of a growing realisation of the significance of incorporating managerial and entrepreneurial expertise even in those who want to grow their careers in the long run in a creative field such as Arts.

There are MBA courses in the Arts that include a very wide variety of potential career options. Those passionate about working in arts field could purse these an MBA course in the Arts. The MBA courses under this category enhance the abilities of the graduates to master numerous aspects of arts organisations such as orchestras, theatres, dance companies, arts education organisations, etc. All of the MBA courses in the arts are a perfect way to link ones passion for art with his / her livelihood. They ensure that the learning is rich as well as diverse. Since the cultural organisations are rapidly expanding around the world, the demand for trained administrators has been growing.

Most MBA programmes in the Arts aim at providing broad management training by focusing on instilling in students the important skills and practices for carrying out or running a successful operation, such as staffing, fundraising, planning, finance, event booking and marketing. This hands-on experience gives students a practical exposure as to how to compete in a marketplace.

The scope of pursuing an MBA course in the Arts is growing by leaps and bounds. The alumni are often employed for a very broad spectrum of positions around the globe. Some of the positions include Arts Administrator, Arts Education Specialist, Marketing Manager, Development Director, Creative Director, Public Relations Coordinator and Community Outreach Director. The demand for arts administrators is increasing by manifolds as the number and size of cultural organisations is rising.

Today, a number of universities and institutions offer MBA courses in the Arts, both in a traditional way of higher education and online classroom setting. Some of the institutes and universities also offer these courses in combination with other related fields of study. Some of the MBA courses for a career in Arts are:

 MBA in Arts Management

Students pursuing an MBA in Arts Management are provided with strong academic learning, invaluable understanding of the theory, and training of the art and existing or coming up arts sectors. The students are encourages and trained to participate in various cultural projects. Most of the universities and colleges offering this course utilise cutting edge training and teaching methods to bring academic, as well as professional learning into existence. An MBA in Arts Management graduate has endless of options for making a career in the arts. He could choose to become an Art Gallery Manger, Artist Agent, Art Expert, Art Dealer, Cultural Heritage Manager, Artistic Director, Exhibition Curator, Contemporary Art Advisor, Cultural Tourism Manager, Performing Arts Event Director, Theatre Producer, Event Producer or even a Cultural Institution Manager.

MBA in Professional Arts Management

 The MBA in this field provides an integrated and deep understanding of Arts Management to students and helps them to become proficient Arts Manages. In addition to this, it gives the opportunity to allow art enthusiasts and practitioners to be qualified enough to be top class managers within the arts sector of to become self-employed. The course is designed to equip students with advance business knowledge of finance, marketing management and strategic management, and give them the practical skills to run a successful business.

 MBA Creative Industries Management

 It is one of the most exciting courses that offers the opportunity to hone professional leadership and strategic entrepreneurial skills for the creative industries including design, arts, fashion, etc. The programme aims to provide top-notch training to students from diverse fields who share a common goal to generate business value through strategic management, entrepreneurship and improvement in the creative industries. The course also enhances the management expertise, as well as leadership qualities that will become catalytic agents for sustainable growth in the creative business sector such as arts sector. This graduates of this course are well prepared for a wide range roles within the industry.

  MBA in Arts and Cultural Management

This intensive programme aims to train future entrepreneurs in the cultural industries and future managers or administrators of arts and cultural institutes. MBA in Arts and Cultural management waves together various different approaches to the cultural sector or industries: Creative Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Design and Creative Marketing, and Art and Culture Fundraising. Overall, the programme is designed to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of art and the performing arts sectors, and develop leadership skills in arts management and entrepreneurship.

 All these MBA courses are useful for making a career in the Arts. They lead to wide ranging opportunities to find a meaningful, lucrative and rewarding career. MBA in the Arts graduates are highly sought after because of their broad education base that has helped them shape their inquisitive minds all through the course. Also, such MBA programmes help students develop intangible qualities such as effective communication, innovation, critical thinking and analysis, creativity, and independent decision making and judgment. All these attributes are highly valuable to employers. The above specified MBA courses generate so many career options in the Arts that a complete list of all the career opportunities open to the graduates of these MBA programmes.

 Author Bio: Ipsita enjoys food holidays and can’t resist pizzas even on a full stomach. Baby shopping is a big turn-on for her when she doesn’t mind going broke, literally. She wants to read Greek and Indian classics, but ends up reciting children’s rhymes.                                                                                                                    

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