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Is Our Urban Realm is Turning into a Big Slum?

We’re not just talking about poor people living in classic shantytowns on the peripheries of Global South cities, but living on rooftops, in filled-in airwells in the centre of buildings; in cages of wire netting erected to protect their few … Continue reading

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Big Research Scandals of ALL Times in Academics

Guest Post by Larry Dignan Despite their ostensible intelligence, academics are not at all immune to engaging in risky behaviors that erupt in spectacular displays of controversy. Even if they ultimately prove innocent or unaccountable, their situations always pose inevitable … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing In South West Asia

Guest Post by Vishal Agarwal   Online marketing or internet marketing refers to marketing and advertising using the web. Internet marketing can be further classified as email marketing, web marketing and social media marketing. Web marketing includes affiliate marketing web … Continue reading

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Is marriage an overrated institution??

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