Internet Marketing In South West Asia

Guest Post by Vishal Agarwal


Online marketing or internet marketing refers to marketing and advertising using the web. Internet marketing can be further classified as email marketing, web marketing and social media marketing.

Web marketing includes affiliate marketing web sites, e-commerce website, online advertising, SEO, promotional websites and many more.

Email marketing includes promotional and ad marketing efforts through email messages to customers.

Social media marketing includes both ad and promotional marketing using social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, twitter and many more.

South West Asia or Eastern Europe comprises of the Caucasus region to the north, Central Asia region to the east, Levant—Middle East region to the south and South Eastern Europe region to the west. Facebook, Instagram, and many more social media platforms were already in use when people of South West Asia got online. Whereas in U.S. and Western Europe the usage of the internet became common in the late ‘ 90s.

Heading towards the internet marketing in South West Asia brings out the differences when compared to Southeast Asia. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) are a large business platform in the U.S., whereas none is available in Southeast Asia. For DSPs to flourish in Southeast Asia ad exchanges need to be added, the ‘big head’ sites should sell through ad exchanges instead of direct selling.

Large supply of advertisers and publishers are needed for a good affiliate marketing system. Affiliate marketing relies on lead generating mad e-commerce companies. The U.S. market is far ahead when compared to the large internet companies in South West Asia. For the establishment of a good affiliate market, the supply of publishers is to be increased.

The availability of marketing tools is less, so the marketers in Southwest Asia need to be more creative and efficient to increase their product sales. Due to lack of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) the marketers opt for dynamic retargeting platforms. These platforms help the customers at the most. To increase their marketing, they make use of traditional tricks that include automated trigger emails.

Mobile marketing is another strategy that the marketers have adopted to enhance their marketing. Usage of messaging apps like WeChat and Line has become a key marketing channel for the retailers and brands. In some cases, the pricing of the same product was decreased when compared to large e-commerce site and was marketed using these messaging apps.

Online marketing is the most important part of marketing these days. As the marketing of products is increased through online marketing in highly developed countries like U.S, the people here have also started to think about online marketing. However, one of the main reasons behind their lagging in online marketing is the unavailability of DSPs and high ad rates. So these high ad rates force the people to choose different strategies and if possible different online marketing methods.

These days social media have become a significant part of online marketing. Facebook, Instagram and many more are the leading media platforms for the marketers to increase their marketing. The marketing rates through these media sites are gradually increasing in South West Asia when compared to the previous years.

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