Are Palestinians ‘ready’ for statehood?(link)

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Under the 1933 Montevideo Convention,  a codified definition of what it means to be a country, an entity must have the following things to qualify for statehood:
(a) a permanent population;
(b) a defined  territory;
(c) government; and
(d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

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2 Responses to Are Palestinians ‘ready’ for statehood?(link)

  1. lenrosen4 says:

    Hi Rashid, Based on any criteria for nationhood status, Palestine should be declared a state but the real challenge is defining its geography in the middle of an ongoing conflict with Israel that seems to have no end in sight. There is no parallel in history to match these circumstances. It is not like the 1947 partition of the Indian subcontinent. Nor is Ireland a model upon which to build a Palestine-Israel rapprochement with secure nationhood for both.

    In my undergraduate days I wrote a thesis on Israel and Palestine and proposed a cantonal system similar to Switzerland. Create a single federated state in which Israelis and Palestinians would share nation status but would be represented as quasi-independent entities within geographical cantons. Under such a scenario Jerusalem would serve as a common administrative capital. The inherent national character of both sides would be recognized within their cantons while both would share in a common federal government that would be responsible for defense, national projects, transportation and energy infrastructure, and other government functions best suited for sharing in common.

    I wrote about this solution back in 1973 and still believe it represents the only way to reconcile coexistence of both Israel and Palestine on the former British League of Nations mandate.

    We know that partition has a poor history of success because it divides and builds walls of hate. In Palestine and Israel today those walls are not just emotional but also concrete and wire. These latter types of walls eventually crumble and they do little to reduce the emotional divides.

    Len Rosen

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