Oil Spill Floods Israeli National Park; One Of Israel’s Largest Ecological Disasters

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Oil spill floods Israeli nature reserve, three people hurt

Country: ISRAEL
Author: Dan Williams

Oil spill floods Israeli nature reserve, three people hurt Photo: Yehuda Ben Itach
general view shows crude oil as it streams in the desert in south Israel, near the village of Beer Ora, north of Eilat December 4, 2014.
Photo: Yehuda Ben Itach

Millions of liters of oil gushing out of a breached pipeline flooded a desert nature reserve in Israel overnight, causing one of the country’s worst environmental disasters, officials and media said.

Three people were hospitalized after inhaling fumes released by an accidental rupture in the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline near the Evrona reserve, on the Jordanian border, police said.

Israel Radio reported Wednesday night’s breach happened during maintenance work.

The main road leading to Eilat, a Red Sea resort, from central Israel was closed intermittently as emergency teams contained the leak.

Evrona is known for its deer population and douma palms.

“Crude oil flowed throughout the…

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