Internet Marketing in Africa

Guest Post by Vishal Agarwal

The freedom in mobile technology and internet access has conceived the flawless storm for an outburst in activities and internet marketing in Africa. The internet has become a crucial platform to generate self-employment for the youths (fresh graduates) and the unemployed, and this is due to an increase of interest in improved infrastructure and internet marketing. High usage of internet by companies, individuals and governments in Africa have generated the need of internet marketers who can create income in the coming years for themselves and others also.

Due to the development in infrastructure and the arrival of wireless technologies has played an important role in the growth of Africa’s Broadband and internet sector. Africa is the world’s quickest growing market for wireless mobiles. This drastic development has created vast associations for internet marketers all over the world.

Uptake of Internet technology in Africa:

Internet technologies have enhanced exponentially the livelihoods around the world, and now the same is to happen in Africa. The rapid growth of internet related technologies in Africa can be known through a few reports generated by the United Nations and the International Telecommunications Union. Access to mobile services is the main reason for the development of internet marketing in Africa. Moreover, the arrival of 3G services has made it easy to share the African content over the world. In addition to this, Africa has made many other ways connect with the world which includes the famed undersea optic fiber cable, Mobile Money, satellite connections and much more to be added in this growing list.

Now that all the communication systems are being related to the internet, the African government is mainly focusing on the development of internet infrastructure technology. Affordable handsets brands with internet facilities are being imported from China in order to increase the use of internet technology. Many companies like Telco, Ecoweb, ZOL, Broadlands, Webtech, YoAfrica, Powertel and IwayAfrica etc. have started their internet services over there.

The future of Internet:

This drastic increase in the internet services is going to play an important role in the field of internet marketing in Africa. Currently, the public searches in Africa are related to the academic subjects, employment opportunities abroad, etc. In near future, these search activities are expected to be made on LOCAL BUSINESS and LOCAL INFORMATION.

There are very few websites where you can find the local information about African states. The information provided are no longer working or available as of now. This shows that many of the online sites are not updating their contents related to their nation. Still internet marketing in Africa has to surpass many challenges to get stable in the world. To reach a state of stability, the continent has high hopes on e-business, e-everything, e-commerce and e-governance.

The way to overcome this is to share, connect and network online. Every responsible citizen has to build their databanks of information and try to share the information throughout the world. Data bank builup is a bit easy to do, as there is a growing market of internet in Africa.

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