¿ Hollow Sun ?


Suggests the Sun is a shell of sustained charged plasma encasing a non-space/absolute vacuum that induces gravity. Predicts neutrinos come from solar shell, not core.

What is Non-space? Consider the theorized black hole, an over-abundance matter falling in on itself becoming a gravitational sink that not even light cannot escape from.

It is useful to think of Non-Space as being on the other end of this spectrum.

Non-Space is a condition in which space is vacated from a volume. Thus, it is not an empty space, it is a volume empty of space. This Non-Space volume causes exterior space to implode gravitationally upon its boundary.

It is a violent reaction as space attempts to close up the non-space, and in doing so, annihilates mass into energy as it presses in upon the Non-Space boundary…

 A prediction and high energy plasma laboratory experiment is proposed:

Further information: http://goodfelloweb.com/nature/cgbi
Music by Dano:…

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