Geocaching To Bring Folks to Pender?

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Geocaching is something I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t really gotten started.  Today, this suggestion came in my email and might be useful for Pender…



How geocaching can bring people to your church

Create an event cache, either at the church or in a local park. Create a theme for your event and pray for those whom God will bring. Invite those who seem interested to the church for food and fellowship.

Check out this Church Cache Series, a multi-cache game offering Bible verses as clues for stumped hunters. Consider creating a similar cache and include Bible verses about adventure or treasure in heaven.

Form search groups.  Research shows that many retired persons get involved with this activity. However, there are no age limitations. It’s fun for the family, men’s, women’s and youth groups. Encourage your congregation to invite neighbors, friends and family to join search groups. Integrate…

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