GIS for Global Health: What a Difference 10 Years Makes


Guest post by John Spencer, Senior GIS Specialist for MEASURE Evaluation

As a geographer, I find the growth of geographic tools in the global public health field fascinating to watch. I started doing GIS work at MEASURE Evaluation in 1999. At that time there were many challenges one had to overcome to map data. For example, geographically linked data was often limited, and without a link to geography, data can’t be mapped. Another challenge during that time was the limited availability of GIS software. The software that was available was relatively expensive, and difficult to learn. These factors hampered many organizations’ capacity for using GIS as a means to map and communicate data.

Fast forward ten years. Data is more available now than ever and GIS software is more accessible. The last several years have seen several key developments:

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About Dr. Rakhshanda Fazli

An Associate Professor of Geography in AMU.
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