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Earth Scientists Say to Jupiter’s Moon Io: Your Volcanoes Are in the Wrong Place

Jupiter’s moon Io is the most volcanically active world in the whole Solar System, with hundreds of volcanoes, some erupting lava fountains up to 250 miles high. But, concentrations of volcanic activity are significantly displaced from where they are expected … Continue reading

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Good news about coral reefs – they recovered from warming

Watts Up With That? Back in 1998, when we had the super El Niño, some of the warm water pooled east and west of Australia (seen in the 1998 image below) and damaged coral reefs there, setting off a cottage … Continue reading

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Misuse of antibiotics and ‘factory farming’ of animals: Alarm bells sound

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‘The Spoonful of Milk’ by Marc Chagall, 1912 (via WikiPaintings). ‘. . . It is estimated that about 70% of the world’s antibiotics are fed to farm animals: the precise amount used in agriculture is…

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Dead Star Bending Light of Companion Red Star

NASA’s Kepler space telescope has observed the effects of a dead star bending the light of its companion red star.The findings are among the first detections of this effect — a result predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity — … Continue reading

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