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Geostrophic Wind:A Theoretical Wind

The geostrophic wind is the theoretical wind that would result from an exact balance between the Coriolis effect and the pressure gradient force. This condition is called geostrophic balance. The geostrophic wind is directed parallel to isobars. This balance seldom … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Family Survival Protocol – Microcosm News:
Earth Watch Report –  Sinkholes ….. AP Photo/Chris O’Meara Jeremy Bush, brother of Jeffrey Bush, breaks down Friday, March 1, while speaking about trying to rescue his brother. Sinkholes are most…

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Originally posted on Open Geography:
Given the recent discussion on the crit-geog list about scholarly citations, I thought it would be amusing to see how this applied to Foucault, who obviously pre-deceased any of these metrics. Well, he’s still going…

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