Nepal : the Sherpas


Nepal’s most famous ethnic group, the Sherpas probably migrated to Solu-Khumbu ( the nepalese district where is located the Mount Everest) four or five centuries ago from eastern Tibet; their name means “people from the east”. They were originally nomads, driving their yaks to pasture in Tibet and wintering in Nepal, until change came from an unlikely quarter : the introduction of the potato in the 1830’s is believed to have been the catalyst that caused Sherpas to settle in villages, and the extra wealth brought by this simple innovation financed the building of most monasteries visible today.

Sherpas maintain the highest permanent settlements in the world – up to 4700 m.- which accounts for their legendary hardiness at altitude. Their mountaineering talents were discovered as early as 1907, and by the 1920’s hundreds of Sherpa men were signing on as porters with expeditions to Everest and other Himalayan peaks –…

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