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China:Flattening Mountains To Create Breathing Room(link)

Land, like water, is ever more rare in China. Only 11% of China’s surface an be cultivated, and the migration from the countryside – a phenomenon of Biblical proportions – has made land surrounding the cities increasingly scarce and precious….. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Vampyre Fangs:
What’s the Latest Development? A team of researchers from Duke University have combed through nearly three decades of standardized test scores concluding that the general level of American intelligence is increasing and that girls are…

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Satellite Monitoring of Air Pollution in the World’s MegaCities

Originally posted on Pollution Free Cities:
AOD trends over megacities based on space monitoring using MODIS and MISR(11 page pdf, Pinhas Alpert, Olga Shvainshtein, and Pavel Kishcha, American Journal of Climate Change, Nov. 2012) Also discussed here: Tracking Pollution from…

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