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One might have hoped that CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, who has a kind, gentle manner, and who is an American with an Indian background, might be more in tune with the tradition of ahimsa.  Promoting fish farming in the oceans on his program The Next List, on September 9, 2012, isn’t going to do anything to help the world’s hunger problems.

Alleviating the hunger crisis can be done by humans eating less meat (less of all kinds of meat, including seafood, fish, and chicken) and fewer dairy products – and relying more on plant-based diets.  We’d be healthier too.

Helping the planet (and ourselves, because we live here as well) won’t be accomplished by imprisoning fish or by further extending humanity’s sphere of dominance over the seas as well as the land.  Since we’ve usurped and destroyed much of the earth already – air, water, and land – and killed…

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  1. Hi Rashid, Mariculture or aquaculture does have its problems but to suggest it involves corralling the remaining fish in the sea is an absurd statement. Fish farming does the opposite by taking pressure off fish in the wild. The science and technology of aquaculture needs to be better than what we see in today’s fish farms but short of us producing protein through mass in vitro technology, for much of the world’s human population, fish represents a better choice than meat on the hoof. Vegans can ignore all of the above.


    • I agree to your view Rosen.
      Perhaps Fish is the answer to our food security problem in the coming years.
      Thanks for the input.
      These are Author’s view and I think we on internet should promote ALL perspectives.Discossions may follow and will propagate knowledge.


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