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Suneel Dhand - Doctor & Author

The apple is probably the most famous fruit in the world, and was likely the earliest tree to be cultivated. It could even be argued that the apple is intrinsically linked to human history itself—with frequent mentions of the fruit from the earliest human societies. There’s the apple as the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (we still use the term Adam’s Apple today in reference to this story), to the fabled apple which resulted in Sir Isaac Newton’s eureka moment. And today, a company called Apple just happens to be the most valuable (and technologically innovative) company in the world!

The first apple orchard on north American soil was planted on Beacon Hill in Boston in 1625 by Reverend William Blaxton, one of the earliest British settlers in New England (and believed to be the first European settler of Boston, which says something…

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