Ten Wonderful Trains Around the Planet

10.TGV, France

TGV, France

The French sense of style extends to train travel and the TGV is an acronym for “train grande vitesse” – or high-speed train — which can travel at 357 mph while the passenger runs hit 200 mph. Top route: Lorraine – Champagne-Ardenne

 9 Japan Railways Group, Japan

  Japan Railways Group, Japan

Japan’s original 130-mph bullet train of 1964 has inspired imitators, but the country’s high-speed trains are still among the fastest and most technologically advanced and are reliable, safe and fast. Passengers aren’t treated to the same 361-mph top speed achieved in testing, but 186 mph still isn’t bad. Top route: Tokyo – Shin-Osaka

 8 Eurostar, England

  Eurostar, England

There are Eurostar lines throughout the continent and they’re some of the best ways to get around. The 1,290-foot trains cruise up to 186 mph in certain areas. But one route stands apart — it’s the trip through the Channel Tunnel, with the journey beginning at London’s historic St. Pancras International train station and ending in Paris. Top route: London – Paris

7.ICE/NachtZug, Germany

 ICE/NachtZug, Germany

Deutsche Bahn keeps passengers moving by day with their efficient and popular InterCityExpress, better known as ICE. For overnight trips, there’s the inviting NachtZug, or Night Train, which is a refreshing trip. Top route: ICE “Sprinter”: Berlin – Frankfurt; NachtZug: Hagen – Prague

 6 TAV, Italy

 TAV, Italy

Many Italians like traveling by car or plane but trains are gaining popularity beyond intra-city use and considerable efforts are being made to emulate and connect with Europe’s finest. Top route: Rome – Florence

 5 Russian Railways, Russia
 Russian Railways, Russia

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can sit on a train for almost 6,000 miles on the Trans-Siberian Railway otherwise you can opt for a shorter trip to go between the Russian areas you’ll want to cover on a visit. Top route: St. Petersburg – Moscow

 4.KTX, South Korea

KTX, South Korea

The Korea Train eXpress is a modern take on The Little Engine That Could. After the initial Seoul to Pusan route was finished in 2004, passenger numbers were short of expectations but there’s progress with line expansion and ridership on the rise. Top route: Seoul – Pusan

 3 AVE, Spain

AVE, Spain

Aan acronym for Alta Velocidad Espanla — or Spanish High Speed — service from Madrid to Seville is so consistent that fares are refunded if the train arrives more than five minutes late. Top route: Madrid – Seville

 2 Great Southern Rail Limited, Australia

Great Southern Rail Limited, Australia

It’s the best way to span the continental coast between Sydney and Perth and see a lot in-between with two of their three routes multi-day affairs, but with top accommodation and scenery.

 1.VR, Finland
 VR, Finland

Finland is one of those countries that just works; it’s exceptionally clean, efficient and trouble-free and the state-owned VR Group is no different. When you leave Helsinki, VR is probably the best way to take in the countryside.

Links and Source(s): Indiatimes


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