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Today, my alarm does not go off, so I cannot go birding. After breakfast we go to Rolando’s property to plant trees. On our route there, I spot a Southern Rough-winged Swallow sitting on…

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Best Institutions for Socially-Conscious Students

Guest Post by Tim Handorf College is, ostensibly, a particularly piquant voyage of self-discovery, so it makes perfect sense that many students would find themselves embarking on some socially responsible projects during this time in their lives. Depending on interest, … Continue reading

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Ten Wonderful Trains Around the Planet

10.TGV, France The French sense of style extends to train travel and the TGV is an acronym for “train grande vitesse” – or high-speed train — which can travel at 357 mph while the passenger runs hit 200 mph. Top … Continue reading

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Some Famous Thinkers Who Had Difficulty Spelling But Changed the World

Guest Post by Rosa Ray Words can be tricky things, often spelled quite differently than how they sound, coming from foreign languages with different sets of rules, or being just plain weird. It’s no wonder then that so many people … Continue reading

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