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Podzolization of Soil

Podzolization encompasses the downward migration of Al and Fe, together with organic matter, from the surface areas and their accumulation in the profile’s deep areas. This process is characterised by a strong acidity that causes the slow development of organic … Continue reading

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New Study:Earth’s Core Deprived of Oxygen

The composition of Earth‘s core remains a mystery. Scientists know that the liquid outer core consists mainly of iron, but it is believed that small amounts of some other elements are present as well. Oxygen is the most abundant element … Continue reading

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Countries That Beat United States in Science

Guest Post from Kaitlyn Cole The U.S. stands out from the crowd in many ways, but average test scores in science and math usually don’t place our nation in the top tier. While there are many top-notch educational facilities in … Continue reading

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Peatland CO2 Can Contribute to Climate Change

Peat, the accumulated turf made up of decayed vegetation, forms in many parts of the world in places like bogs, moors, and swamp forests. Due to its high carbon content, it can be harvested and burned as fuel. There are … Continue reading

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