Handicapped student refused in Geography Course

Dear Readers

I found this news on net and was very dissapointed as a teacher of Geography.I hereby invite your comments on this shocking act by a premier university of India.

Manish Arora, 18, has one dream – to be a geography professor some day. However, his career just hit a roadblock as he got to know he cannot pursue the course of his choice. And this has nothing to do with his percentage in the boards. It has to do with his physical disability. Delhi University (DU) has declared Manish 80 per cent disabled and asked him to take admission in the Physically Handicapped category in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. But the college is refusing to give him admission.

Manish has been doing the rounds of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College for the past two days to take admission in Geography honours. All in vain, as the college is coming up with insensitive and ridiculous excuses to deny him admission. “I have been going to the college for the last two days. On the first day, they advised me not to take admission in the course as it involves mountaineering. The next day when I told them I would still want to pursue Geography, they still refused to give me admission,” said Manish.

Manish, who scored 60 per cent in the 12th boards, also wants to do a Ph.D in Geography later. “Geography interests me a lot. I really hope that I manage to get admission in Geography course,” added Manish.

The 18-year-old has finally approached Dean, Students Welfare (DSW), Delhi  University with his application. The college has now asked him to get it in writing from DSW for admission in some other course!

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