China’s homegrown satellite navigation system Beidou to serve the world by 2020

China’s homegrown satellite navigation system Beidou is expected to cover the world by around 2020, the chief designer of the system Sun Jiadong said Wednesday.The Beidou System, also know as the Compass Navigation Satellite System (CNSS), is a global satellite navigation system independently developed and operated by China. It can provide highly-accurate and reliable navigation, positioning and timing services. At present, this system has entered the launch and network arrangement stage.Sun said the development of the system follows a “three-step” strategy:From 2000 to 2003, China completed the establishment of the trial CNSS, which is composed of three satellites, making it the third country to own an independent satellite navigation system. Second, the CNSS will cover China and its surrounding areas by 2010, and third, the CNSS will be able to cover the entire world by around 2020.

By People’s Daily Online

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