GIS-based monitoring of pollution in UP, India

BY the end of this year, the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) will start with monitoring the pollution status of the industries across the state with the help of a Geographical Information System (GIS) being designed with the help of IIT-K. The project is expected to start in the next six months and will be taken up in Unnao district on a pilot basis. “Once the pilot phase is completed successfully, we will then implement the project in other districts as well. With the new system, we can monitor the pollution levels in these industries and also movement of the officials visiting the industries to assess their environmental status. We are presently working out the modalities of the project,” said C S Bhatt, member secretary, UPPCB. There are around 50 tanning industries in the Unnao district. As part of the mapping, detailed information about their location, names, ownership, environmental status, the network of sewer pipelines in the area and even the number of trees near a particular unit will be put up online. The details of the specific industrial unit like pollutants, effluent being discharged from it and its treatment facility will also be available.

Source(s) :

Indian Express

GIS Development

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