Digital ‘Ants’ Take on Computer Worms


Digital ants could soon be crawling through your computer’s hard drive, but don’t worry, they are there to help.Scientists from Wake Forest University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have created an army of digital ants and their superior officers, digital sergeants and sentinels, to search out viruses, worms and other malware.The new antivirus software could provide better protection while freeing up valuable hardware….

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3 Responses to Digital ‘Ants’ Take on Computer Worms

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  2. Tremwar says:

    I think these “ants” will be able to do more than fight worms, I think they could sense scrapers and malicious spiders and autoban their IP’s which would be nice. But I’m wondering how long it takes before hackers start to reverse engineer this and make new viruses based off of digital ant software…


  3. r4i says:

    Wow that sounds interesting, i wasn’t aware of it before. Thats good before we come through any such situation and we don’t know how to react against it we know that it for the betterment and not to panic.


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