Biofuel Displacing Food Crops May Have Bigger Carbon Impact Than Thought

A report examining the impact of a global biofuels program on greenhouse gas emissions during the 21st century has found that carbon loss  from the displacement of food crops and pastures for biofuels crops may be twice as much as the CO2 emissions from land dedicated to biofuels production. The study, led by Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) senior scientist Jerry Melillo, also predicts that increased fertilizer use for biofuels production will cause nitrous oxide emissions (N2O) to become more important than carbon losses, in terms of warming potential, by the end of the century.

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4 Responses to Biofuel Displacing Food Crops May Have Bigger Carbon Impact Than Thought

  1. Not particularly surprising as, Ethanol amongst the dumbest ideas I ever heard, and to think that I once believed it had potential. Right now, whether you like it or not, your gas is 10 percent ethanol. It’s required by law. Ethanol is a renewable bio-fuel. It may burn a bit more cleanly than gas, but, depending on which study you read, some scientists claim that you need to put 1.2 calories of corn into the system to get 1 calorie’s worth of ethanol (this depends on what you consider a cost of farming and producing for corn ethanol. Some analysts believe tractors fall from the sky so they don’t need to be considered in cost analysis). It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to do the math.


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