New Ring of Saturn Discovered

artist conception of the newly-discovered ring

NASA has discovered a new ring of  Saturn. The Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered  it around the planet — by far the largest of the giant planet’s many rings.The new ring is far from the planet with an orbit tilted 27 degrees from the main ring plane. The bulk of its material starts about six million kilometers (3.7 million miles) away from the planet and extends outward roughly another 12 million kilometers (7.4 million miles). One of Saturn’s farthest moons, Phoebe, circles within the newfound ring, and is likely the source of its material.

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2 Responses to New Ring of Saturn Discovered

  1. It is amazing that something that has been studied for so long can still yield new discoveries.


  2. StephanJade says:

    Cool story as for me. It would be great to read more concerning that theme.


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